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“She had a 50/50 chance of ever singing again (bilateral vocal chord surgery). And yet here she is with this power and unrelenting soul. Her personal and musical story is profound, a novel waiting in the shadows of her luminous career.”

- a “Lexxi Love” Fan

“Being inspired by so many genres of music, I’d like to believe that my voice is a lot like my personality as it lends itself to every circle of life and music.  My vocal range allows me to be boundless. I’ve worked so hard for it and to maintain it. I try to be a vocal chameleon but mostly to keep myself stimulated and people entertained.”

- Lexxi

DIEZEL Magazine

Interview with Shaun Anthony

"From A&R at Tate Music Group regarding Rhythm Lotus: "Love on the Dance Floor - Excellent classic R&B song with beautiful arrangement. Great depth of instrumentation, very full sound. Quality vocals with very good range shown. Overall, you as an artist have very good potential. I hear very strong potential in your music and based on our review and the marketability of your music we are offering you a contract to produce, distribute, and promote your music."

- Luke Johns, Tate Music Review

“...however, the vibe and energy in the building was too electric for me to leave. The experience was magnetic once Lexxi took the stage and I became glued to my seat. I knew I was there for a reason. Fate stepped through the door and introduced me to the sounds of Lexxi. Instant fan. Sultry voice, yet powerful. Clearly Rhythm & Blues, but infused with a shot of Reggae with a pinch of Hip Hop influence. Yep, I was hooked. Plus she reps the D (Detroit)”

- Damon L. Thomas


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